Becoming an Adult: Life Update

Hi y’all,

Here at the end of 2017, I realized something: I’m becoming a real adult.

This realization really hit when I considered joining the Junior League. Plus, I keep thinking that I need to start prioritizing saving money for furniture. Talk about weird.

I have officially finished school now (woo!), so I’m just waiting on my license to come in. I’m applying for a jobs in a field that I love: teaching. I definitely did not take the conventional path to teaching. I finished my degree (BA in Communication Studies with a double minor in History and Leadership Studies) from CNU in May of 2015. In January of 2016, I started taking classes at the local community college to start working toward my teaching license. Somehow, I made it though, even passing micro econ. I even made the President’s List (the equivalent to Dean’s List). In June 2016, I began classes specifically geared toward Elementary Education. I took my tests for my license and passed them all on the first try (a pretty big feat here in Virginia). I finished student teaching with a 4.0 and more stories than I can count.

Since it’s the middle of the school year, I’ve been applying to Long Term Sub jobs; in the meantime, I’m still working in retail and doing daily sub jobs. Plus, I just got accepted into Junior League, so we’ll see where that journey takes me.

Since Student Teaching is over, I’m back to working 50+ hours a week. In January, it will look more like 60+ hours a week. However, I’m really looking forward to my first entire weekend off since August in January! I also sell Senegence cosmetics. Senegence is the company that makes Lipsense (the lip stuff that stays on for up to 18 hours). I have fallen in love with every product I have tried, and I know you will. If you’re interested, go to the contact form and let me know! I’m more than happy to send you more information.

Where the future leads me, I still don’t know. I could be living in a different area of Virginia come August. I know I still want to be a puppy mom (fingers crossed that happens in the next year and a half).

To keep updated on my life (and blog posts) follow me on social media! twitter and instagram.



lindsey elizabeth

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