2018 Goals

Hi Y’all,

Happy 2018!

This is a big year for me.

It’s the year where I’ll turn 25. It’s the year where I’ll have my first full time teaching job (Lord willing). It’s the year where I won’t have to work two jobs. It’s the year where I’ll (hopefully) get a puppy. It’s the year that I will get to move into my first apartment.


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Now, I hate the word resolutions. Why? Because there is no guidance on how to accomplish the resolution. With a goal, you can set a path to accomplish the specific goal. I thought about what I really want to accomplish this year and made my goals from that.

  1. Get a full time teaching job.
    1. Attend job fairs.
    2. Apply to Southern Teaching Agency.
    3. Apply to screening interviews.
  2. Move into my own apartment.
    1. Save enough for two months rent (approximate goal is $4,000).
    2. Have a full time job.
  3. Become more financially responsible.
    1. Save over buying (only buy what is necessary).
    2. Sell some clothes I no longer wear.
  4. Get a puppy.
    1. Have a full time job.
    2. Have my own apartment.
    3. Save $3,000 (have a puppy fund to make sure I can afford vet bills and other necessities for her).
  5. Buy a piece of nice jewelry.
    1. Save money for David Yurman ring
    2. Use Birthday “gift” from the jewelry store (at Fink’s, you get a $100 off a purchase of $500 or more during your birthday month).

Now, you’re probably wondering what do these things have to do with setting goals? Well, for the past year and a half (ish), I’ve been working on my teaching license. I haven’t had time to really focus on myself and work toward other goals because my money was going to that. Unfortunately, with the program I did was not eligible for scholarships and the grant I could only receive once.

If you’ve noticed underneath each goal there are some outlined points. This is how I’m going to accomplish these goals and stay focused on them. I’m also creating charts in a notebook so I know what progress has been made and what hasn’t.

Unfortunately, I won’t really be able to start saving money until after February when I have bought my new computer. However, I know that I’m setting myself up for success by laying out my goals like this.

What are you 2018 goals?


Lindsey Elizabeth



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