Introduction to LipSense/SeneGence

Hi y’all,

Something I am absolutely obsessed with is LipSense/SeneGence. Now, I’m not someone who wears a ton of makeup. I used to be. Today, I use it a lot more strategically and really focus on key points. I love my eyes so I always make sure I’m wearing mascara to make them look more open (I have a tad bit of a lazy eye) and tinted moisturizer is a daily must.

I’ve seen bloggers blog about it and then my best friend started raving about it. She had started competing in beauty pageants and loved this stuff. I’m not competing in a beauty pageant anytime soon, and I typically don’t wear a lot of lip colors in general. However, this stuff is everything it says to be.

lipsense what it does

It’s makeup that stays on for up to 18 hours.

It’s moisturizing.

It’s long lasting (even in the tube it is safe to use it for 3 times longer than the traditional brands you’re used to seeing).

Tons of colors to chose from (they keep 50 shades in the permanent line for LipSense and often have limited edition colors).

Check out my facebook page for my SeneGence business here.

Feel free to shoot me a message on the page or comment below with any questions you may have. I’m definitely going to be doing more posts on the different products so be on the look out for them!


Lindsey Elizabeth

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