Prepping for Puppy

Hi Y’all,

It’s no secret that this is the Year of the Puppy (#yearofthepuppy). It is my main goal to get a toy poodle this year.


This is my best friend’s toy poodle, Zoe. She’s the sweetest and the dog that convinced me that a toy poodle is the perfect first dog for me.

Now, you’re probably wondering, how am I prepping for a puppy that I aiming to get at some point this year?

Well, here’s how:

  1. Applying to jobs. I am literally applying to jobs left and right, and I’m definitely making sure that I’m applying to a variety of school districts.
  2. Working all the time/Saving everything. Between subbing and my job as an assistant manager, I have like 4 days off this entire month, if that. I’m also working really hard at not spending any money unless it’s for gas, netflix (it’s a necessity), and food when needed. So far, I haven’t spent anything!
  3. Keeping an eye on puppy things. I always check the pet aisle whenever I go to HomeGoods, TJ MAXX, Marshalls, or Target. This way, I constantly know what is available and what’s a good deal or not. I honestly dislike shopping at pet only stores (like PetSmart) because they often mark things way up. As a puppy, she won’t need the best things, just things to get her through her puppy stage.
  4. Helpful friends. Oh my goodness, my friends are the best. My BFF is always giving me advice and my college roommate/other BFF gave me the most thoughtful Christmas present: a puppy blanket! It’s so cute and I can’t wait to give it to Puppy Girl.
  5. Careful planning/searching. This is definitely not a shocker to anyone, but I’m a planner. So I am constantly on websites looking at the best ways to train a dog, what I should do as a puppy parent, etc. This way, I can better prepare myself for puppy girl when she arrives. Also, since I’m very specific about my first pet on my own, I’m doing a lot of research as to where to find her. Unfortunately, there isn’t a poodle rescue that is  very close to me and I want background information available and support which I wouldn’t get from adopting from an SPCA. Our yellow lab came to us via a breeder through a client from my dad’s work, and we could always reach out to the breeder and get more information about health issues or personality.

Do you have a dog? What is she or he like? What advice to you have for this first time single puppy parent?


Lindsey Elizabeth

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