Travel Bucket List

Hi Y’all,

I love traveling and haven’t gotten to do much of it since the summer between my junior and senior years of college. I studied abroad in London which allowed me to go to Paris, France and Scotland for two separate weekends.




  1. London. No questions,  I want to go spend more time in London. Every day I was there I still had class to attend so half of my days were spent in class. There are still a ton of things I want to do that I wasn’t able to do last time.
  2. Italy. Even though I don’t speak the language (a major problem I found when visiting France), I think Italy would be stunning to visit.
  3. Atlantis, Bahamas. Can you tell I need a vacation? Oh, and its in the single digits where I am right now? Sign me up right now for this trip. I think it would be so much fun.
  4. Virgin Islands. Again, it’s in the single digits here so I’m dreaming of anywhere that it is warm.
  5. The Breakers in Palm Beach, Florida. Holy moly this place is beautiful and I want to visit so bad!

Where do you want to travel to?


Lindsey Elizabeth

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