Tips to Picking Your College

Hi Y’all,

It’s that time of the year that final college decisions have to be made. Whether its where to apply to (some let you apply to them as late as March 1). Or, you’re the lucky soul that all of your college applications are already in and you’re doing the waiting game.

I graduated from Christopher Newport University in May 2015. January 2016, I started classes for my teaching license and was accepted in the program for my license in April 2016. I just finished up the program in November 2017.

Christopher Newport Hall.PNG

CNU is absolutely stunning, and shockingly enough, I didn’t even apply until 10 minutes before the deadline. Of the 8 schools I applied to, the one I applied to last was the one I ended up going to.

Things that attracted me to CNU were that is was a medium sized school (around 5,000 students), how friendly everyone was, and the attitude that we must serve.

I definitely think that I picked the right school for me.

When looking at schools/considering your acceptances you should ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do I see myself here? If you can’t see yourself, throw it out.
  2. Do I see myself being successful here? If you don’t think the college will help you be successful or you think you will fail, don’t go.
  3. Is this a reasonable price tag for me to pay? College is expensive, don’t pay $80,000 if it isn’t reasonable.
  4. Is the location okay? Can you access it easily or will you need to fly or take the train to and from campus for breaks?
  5. Are you going because your BFF or significant other is going? Do not pick a school simply because you know people that are going. In fact, I picked a school that had the fewest students from my high school going to it that was a public school in our state.

Where are you going to college? Where did you go?


Lindsey Elizabeth

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