Getting Over FOMO

Hi Y’all,

Everyone has FOMO: Fear of Missing Out. This year, I am extremely focused on my goals.

This also means that I am missing out on certain things. For instance, I didn’t shop the Lilly Pulitzer APS that just happened. This is unheard of from me. I am the first person to admit that I have shopping problems and I’m working on conquering them.

Here are my tips for getting over your FOMO.

  1. Stay focused on the goals you have. I have trackers in my Bullet Journal that I’m using through May (or at least planning on using through May). This way, I am reminded that I am working toward my goals and that I will reach them this year.
  2. Do fun things that are free. Most cities and towns have tons of fun things to do for free. I love picking up books from the library because it is absolutely free. Plus, I read a (hopefully) good book. I also check out the iBooks library for free books too.
  3. Don’t watch the snapchat videos. All your friends going to the concert you wanted to go to? Do yourself a favor and don’t watch the snapchat videos you know they’re posting.
  4. Do something that benefits you. There are a ton of workout videos that are free online and if you’re doing something for you, missing out on that event that would have cost you makes it a little easier.
  5. Stay in with your friends. Friends always heading out to wineries? Instead of going out, buy a bottle at the grocery story, cook dinner together, and watch a movie on Netflix or a movie that is on t.v. This way, you’re not spending nearly the same amount of money and most vineyards sell their wines to grocery stores, Costco, or Sam’s Club.  We can find all our local wineries at these places for a fraction of the cost of going to the actual winery. Better yet, skip the wine and just have a chill night in (with these temperatures, it’s better to pick some hot chocolate out instead).

How do you get over FOMO?


Lindsey Elizabeth

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