Teaching Tuesday: Technology in the Classroom

Hi y’all,

I’m so excited to announce the first series on the blog: Teaching Tuesday! Every Tuesday will be dedicated to something about teaching.

Teaching Tuesday

Today’s post is about technology.

We are constantly hearing about how technology, while super useful in a lot of ways, is also making socialization and other skills harder. I heard on the radio how students are actually losing the ability to grip a pencil. Now, I have not actually witnessed that myself, and since most of my experience with littles is in younger grades where they’re learning how to write, I can’t really attest to this.

However, what I can say is that littles go home every night and some are playing video games…literally that’s all they’re doing. Now, I’m all for improving hand-eye coordination (mine is pretty awful). These students are also the ones that typically have more advanced computer skills like typing. However, Students do not need to be playing video games or even watching tv for hours on end. Instead, they can very easily pick up a book. Most of the time, that is their only homework from me; yet, I always have students who never do it.

Technology can be used for things like reading (I love apps like Reading A-Z/Raz Kids and Epic!).

As a teacher, I use technology throughout the day. Their station rotations are in powerpoint. I use a SmartBoard, email, and Google Drive on an hourly basis (or at least it seems like that). Yet, I still do read alouds, I still demonstrate for my students using paper and pencil.

As a teacher, I do not see a problem with incorporating technology in the classroom; however, it should not be their whole lives.

How do you use technology in the classroom? Do you limit how much students use it?



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