Puppy Prep: Finding Everything

Hi y’all,

I’ve already blogged here about how this is the year of the puppy for me. In order to make puppy happen this year, I have been working as much as possible, saving what I can, etc.

One thing that keeps being brought up is how much do I plan on getting my puppy? The answer is nothing expensive. Puppies tend to tear things up, so I know I’ll be replacing most things.

I’ve be scouring Target and Amazon.

puppy prep finding everything.png

playpen|  harness|dog bedleash

While I’m still undecided about most things, I know I want to get puppy a playpen.

I also know that I want a retractable leash. I’ll be living in an apartment with her so she’ll be leash trained, but when we’re outside on long walks (where its safe), I would love to be able to give her a little more free reign while still being attached to her.

Since she’ll be so small, I also plan on her wearing a harness instead of attaching her leash to a collar. In my research, I have found that their trachea can actually get snapped if their collar gets pulled on from a leash.

Obviously, this is more of the necessities that she’ll need, but I’m planning for the fun things, too. Plus, I know I’ll end up subscribed to Barkbox.

What do you find necessary for your dog?


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