Teaching Tuesday: Stations

Hi y’all,

For today’s post I kept thinking about something I am constantly asked in interviews: how do I assist students at each level?

Teaching Tuesday

Well, my answer to that is always the same: stations. This is the obvious answer for things like reading groups. No matter if you do a traditional station rotation where you tell students where to go for each time slot, or you do more of the Daily 5 model, students are still getting more individualize time with the teacher. I try not to go above 5 littles in each of my reading groups.

Now, the other big time leveling tends to happen is math. Now, you’ve seen the posts about Guided Math. Stations is the easiest way to make sure all your littles are having their needs met. It also allows time for remediation. I try to have 3 stations during math time: a review, time with teacher, and then independent work time. Now, “independent work time” could mean they use each other; however, review time is completely independent since it is something they’ve seen before.

How do you target your students’ needs?



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