Wednesday Wish List 3.21.18

Hi y’all!

I’m so excited to bring you another edition of Wish list Wednesday!

wishlist wednesday

This week’s edition is definitely home oriented. I think a recent collaboration really got to me…

wislist wednesday 3.21.18.png

I have been obsessed with this headboard for years! Obviously, Pottery Barn tends to be on the more expensive end, but I absolutely love this one. A girl can dream though, right?

I’ve been on the hunt for a good pair of cheetah or leopard print shoes. I haven’t seen this pair in person so I’m not sure if they’re the exact pair I want, but it’s definitely something similar.

Considering the fact that I don’t have a job lined up for the 2018-2019 school year, it might seem silly that I’ve already planned out my future bedroom. I know the color scheme (grey and navy) and I’ve been working around that for a while (thank goodness the Lilly Pulitzer x Pottery Barn collection had the bazaar elephant print in blues and a beautiful sheet set which I scooped up). But, I’m still looking for a duvet cover to go with it. I’m planning on a queen bed. I’m not sure if this one will drive me crazy or not since it has tassels, but I love the details!

I did have this duvet in color in the pool color, and I know the navy would be gorgeous in my bedroom.

What are y’all lusting over?



19 thoughts on “Wednesday Wish List 3.21.18”

  1. That headboard is gorgeous! I swear I’d redo my whole bedroom in PB if my bank account wouldn’t get angry haha.


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