Mix and Match Outfits

Hi y’all,

I did a similar post to this on Monday, but you can find it here. But, the idea behind this post is you can literally mix and match the tops with the bottoms, and you can bring them all together with the sweater (I love it so much I got it in three colors, whoops).

spring mix and match outfits.png


(1) Tatum Long Fringe Hem Cardigan (2) Long-sleeve Whale Pocket Tee Shirt

(3) Scalloped Cami Top (4) Luxletic 21″ Weekender Cropped Pant with Pocket

(5) Farrah High Waisted Skinny Jeans

All of these pieces are also multi-season which I really like. I tend to wear long pants/leggings and long sleeves even in the middle of the summer (and Virginia humidity is no joke y’all).

Do y’all have favorite pieces you love to mix and match?



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