{Future} Bedroom Plans

Hi Y’all,

I am so anxious to know that I have a job for the fall just so I can finalize my living arrangements and start fulling planning everything out. Of course, I do still have some things from college I plan on using. However, I do plan on making some upgrades, like to a queen bed! Needless to say, I know moving is expensive so I started making some plans now, and I definitely hit up the Pottery Barn X Lilly Pulitzer launch and picked out a few things that will work well with my color scheme for my future bedroom. I love navy and white together (and let’s be honest, it’s half of my closet). A small change to the color scheme is it will be navy and grey with a few different hues of blue sprinkled throughout.

Untitled presentation

Zebra Rug|Sheet Set | London Print |Pillow Sham| Lumbar Pillow |


I’ve had two of the rugs I’ll be taking with me for a while. I got them during one of the Nordstrom sales a few years ago. Unfortunately, the two I have Nordstrom no longer carries. This one is the same brand, though. Since I’m planning on adding a toy poodle to the family, I don’t want to get something new right away.

I also plan on adding a few pops of color. During college, I got to live out a lifelong dream and studied abroad in London. This print from Evelyn Henson is perfect. I bought myself and my college roommate one for Christmas and got them framed (you can buy the print either framed or without). I love mine and cannot wait to actually have a space to hang it. To add to the London print, I have a map of London and cannot wait to have that framed and hung up.

How have y’all decorated your bedrooms?




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