Wish List Wednesday 3.28.18

Hi Y’all,

Today’s Wish List Wednesday is not exactly going to be tangible things.

Instead, there’s going to be a little story time.

wishlist wednesday

I recently met up with a blogger friend who just moved to the area. We went to lunch and then I was showing her around some stores. Almost every store I walked out of (empty handed) someone made a comment about the fact I didn’t buy anything.

I’ll be the first person to say that 99% of the time I go shopping, I’m going shopping with something in mind.

After making a fairly large purchase at the beginning of this month plus buying some stuff for my future bedroom, I knew I was going to have to save some money in the second half.

I honestly have only been working one of my jobs consistently this month, which means for my second job I haven’t been earning as much. I know I’ll be working on of my jobs a ton in April, so that is helping some. In the meantime, I’ve also upped my Swagbucks game. If you don’t know what Swagbucks is, it’s a website that helps you earn money (via giftcards) for doing surveys and watching short video clips. It’s super easy and I typically earn enough to pay for a tank of gas every month.

However, these comments really made me think about how much I spend and on what I’m spending it on. So, I think along with a normal “Wish List” every week, I’m also going to share what I spent money on for the previous week. Hopefully, this will help kick me into high gear for saving money instead of just spending it.

How do y’all earn and save money?



12 thoughts on “Wish List Wednesday 3.28.18”

  1. My now husband did Swagbucks in college to get Amazon credits to buy things for school! Ive started using iBotta to get cash back and gift cards for Starbucks and Uber trips! I am better about just avoiding stores all together now. When I’ve got some extra cash during the month I’ll shop sales online and order clothes in batches.


  2. Ooooh I didn’t know that about Swagbucks! There was another survey website that I was participating in earlier this year to earn gift cards on which was cool. This is so awesome Lindsey, tracking what I purchase for “fun” really helps with my spending a lot!!

    xoxo A


  3. that’s so awesome!!! i totally feel you on this — i usually let whatever i want to buy just sit on my desktop for awhile and wait a few days, if i decide i still want it i’ll get it, but usually a few days later i realize how much i don’t actually want it xD


  4. This is a really good idea. I need to do this. It’s so hard not to buy everything under the sun when there is so much to see on instagram and all the new spring clothes.


  5. I’m a thrifty, mindful shopper as well and love finding good deals. I’ll have to check out swagbucks, currently I’ve been using eBates.


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