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    Wish List Wednesday 3.14

    Hi Y’all, Happy Pi Day!   While I will not be enjoying any pie today (I’m just not a big fan of it), I am bringing you another new series! Every Wednesday, I’m going to do a Wish list Wednesday. It will typically be full of things that I’m lusting over. Kristen Dress Stripe Knit V-Neck Tee Shirt Dress Barrett Stud Earring Elisa Necklace in Blush Pearl

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    Teaching Tuesday: Technology in the Classroom

    Hi y’all, I’m so excited to announce the first series on the blog: Teaching Tuesday! Every Tuesday will be dedicated to something about teaching. Today’s post is about technology. We are constantly hearing about how technology, while super useful in a lot of ways, is also making socialization and other skills harder. I heard on the radio how students are actually losing the ability to grip a pencil. Now, I have not actually witnessed that myself, and since most of my experience with littles is in younger grades where they’re learning how to write, I can’t really attest to this. However, what I can say is that littles go home…

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    Top Navy Dress Picks for Spring

    Hi y’all, It’s no secret that I adore navy. I’m also a huge believer in the LND (Little Navy Dress). One of my major challenges is finding a dress I can wear for multiple occassions. I love anything that I can take from work appropriate (aka teaching littles) and use it again and again. While some of these are fancier than others (like the Pearl Soft Shift Dress), most of these I can use for almost any occasion. (Top Row) Shift and Shout Navy Blue Shift Dress | Pearl Soft Shift Dress (Bottom Left) Brewster T-Shirt Dress | Sailor Stripe Long Sleeve Dress| Cross Back Shift Dress |Ophelia Swing Dress Do you have a favorite…