Saving Thursdays: Having a Game Plan

Hi Y’all,

I’m a pretty big fan of series, and since one of my goals has to become a saver, I thought I would start a series about it. Each Thursday I’ll have something about saving money!

savings thursdays updated

For this first one, it’s going to be about having a game plan. Everyone talks about how important planning is. Plus, I’ve noticed most of my “expenses” are impulse buys. For instance, I went to return things to the Lilly store, and instead of just returning I bought (granted, I did actually spend less than I was returning!).

Please keep in mind, that I do not actually have any debt, I’m attempting to work on setting myself up for the future instead of having a spending problem.

Here’s my new game plan:

-Think about everything for 24-48 hours if it is not a necessity (aka food).

-Limit Lilly purchases to 2 dresses (roughly $350-$400) until end of May (this will be a pretty big feat if I make it).

-Instead of online shopping, workout or do something else productive. I’ve been spending a lot of time looking at clothes (#bloggerproblems). Instead of focusing so much on that, I’m going to work on other things, like my brain! I have definitely not been using my langauge app (Duolingo) very much and it is so helpful. Plus, I have a ton of other things that are way more productive than shopping. I could also spend more time doing surveys and other money earning things.

-Write down all money I spend frivolously (aka clothes).

Obviously, my spending habits are something I’m acknowledging that I need to work on. Plus, I’m trying to figure out how to sell some clothes I no longer wear (if y’all have any tips for that let me know).


What are your tips and tricks to saving money?



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