Saving Thursday: Adding Extra “Income”

Hi Y’all,

Today’s tip is all about adding extra money to help out your savings.

savings thursdays updated

I do this primarily through survey websites. I personally have accounts with Swagbucks, Inbox Dollars, and Survey Junkie. I haven’t been part of Inbox Dollars or Survey Junkie to tell you how much I earn per month, but I typically earn enough SwagBucks for a $25 paypal gift card every month.

(*Please note, that these are referral links and I will receive a small commission of the points you earn; however, I do not take points away from you, they credit it separately).

I also suggest having ebates! While they pay out every quarter, I still get a reasonable amount of money back.

However, another great way to add “extra income” is to have a savings account with a great interest rate. I recently got a new savings account through Ally Bank and their interest rates is off the charts! I make an extra dollar or two every month, which is always nice.

While none of these add up to a large amount of money, it is useful for earning a few extra bucks a month.

How do you earn extra money?


Lindsey Elizabeth


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