Friday Five

Hi y’all,
I’m so excited to introduce the first Friday Five!

Since I’m not planning on posting but three days a week, I don’t want to only do weekly type posts. However, I do want to make sure y’all know what I’m loving every week. One goal of mine is to have 1 piece per brand. Its no secret I love certain brands; however, I want to make sure I’m sharing the love.

1.Day Designer by Blue Sky Planner | I made the mistake of not buying a new planner because I thought the academic planner would no longer be important to me. I was wrong. The academic planner is a necessity (especially as a teacher). I definitely plan on doing a post about how I organize my planner soon.

2. Amazon FireStick | I bought this during Prime Day because my room doesn’t have an ethernet connection and prior to the FireStick that was the only way I was going to get Netflix/Amazon Prime on my tv (it would go through my Blu-Ray Player). I’m so glad I bought this and I’ve used every day since I got it!

3. I Have Cool Friends Podcast | This is a podcast hosted by Olympic and UCLA gymnast Samantha Peszek. Every week she has one of her cool friends come on and shares a little bit about their insight into the sport of gymnastics and often life in general. I have already learned so much! I also never thought I would like listening to things like Podcasts; however, I really enjoy this one. If you have recommendations for others, leave them below!

4. Beachbody on Demand | This isn’t exactly one product; but a whole series of workout programs that you can do wherever and whenever you want. There are tons of coaches out there (I’m not one, but I’ll give you my coach’s info if you send me a message!). I plan on doing a whole post on workouts/exercising very soon.

5. Swagbucks and InboxDollars | As you all know, I’m a teacher and I have some pretty lofty goals. In order to make them happen, I’m pretty focused on making money however I can. In addition to my second job, I also have accounts with Swagbucks and InboxDollars. While they don’t bring in a ton of extra cash, it really does help out!

What is your Friday Five?


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