Your Guide to Gift Giving

Hi y’all,

Let me start by saying I’m not a fan of gift guides. I don’t like seeing the same products over and over again. Plus, it seems to take the thought out of them. However, I was just texting one of my friends, and she said she would like to know what I would suggest for a friend.

Instead of doing a gift guide, I’m going to make suggestions about how to go about purchasing or finding gifts for your friend.

1. Think outside the box. First, think about what they like to do or something they love, and find something connected, but something people do not really think about. For example, I got a sign for my desk at school about a dog from one of my best friends. It is definitely something I wouldn’t buy for myself, but perfect because it relates to me.

2. Buy something they wouldn’t buy for themselves. I do not want a gift I can just go out and purchase. Last Christmas, I got a “puppy blanket”, just like a baby blanket but for your pup. I loved it because I knew that I would never buy it for myself.

3. Be unique. I love when I get a special gift that I know the person had to put time in to find or think about it. Plus, it means the person won’t get anything like it!

I think the bottom line of this is put thought into it. I know that the gifts I love the most are ones that are special and the person had to think a lot about!

I love finding stuff on Etsy, local shops, and through Instagram. Also, check with your friends about what they could make, or sell you. They might have something that is perfect!

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