Winter Fun!

Hi y’all,

January is always one of the months that I do not really look forward to. In college, I always wanted to since it meant recruitment for my sorority. However, in the real world; I do not look as forward to it. It’s cold, grey, and non-motivating.

In Virginia, the real winter hits in January and February and is typically moving out by March. This means, it’s time to buckle down the hatches for snow, ice, and other gross weather.

However, there are still fun things to do in the winter.

Here’s a few things for winter fun:

1. Go to the library and grab some books! Especially when the weather man is calling for a snowstorm. This way, you’ll have something to do and you can don’t really need electricity for it.

2. Make hot chocolate, sit by the fire, and binge watch a series on Netflix or Hulu. You’re warm, cozy, and relaxed!

3. Go sledding-if it’s snowed.

4. Go to a museum.

5. Go shopping.

6. Go somewhere different for dinner.

7. Pick up a new hobby (like knitting or calligraphy).

8. Winter cleaning (winter is a great time to go through all your clothes).

9. At home spa day.

10. Find a new indoor workout.

What are things you like to do in the winter?


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