Staying Fit in the Winter

Hi y’all,

Staying fit in the winter is one of the hardest things! It’s too cold to workout outside (at least here in Virginia it is). Plus, it is dark super early, not leaving you much time after work.

Gyms are also breeding grounds for germs and sickness. I paid for a membership to a gym for 4 months. Out of those 4 months, I was sick for about 3.5 months. I was also paying so much (gyms are expensive, here!) that I felt like I couldn’t miss a day, so even though I felt like death I was still going to the gym every day.

I ended up signing up for Beachbody just over a year ago. While, I don’t work out every day, I am much healthier than I was when I went to the gym. I also have more variety of what I can do. Instead of lifting a few weights and spending time on the elliptical (really the only thing I miss about the gym is the elliptical).

I also really suggest Youtube workouts. They have yoga, and the uber popular Blogilates.

It’s also possible to get online subscriptions to Pure Barre or the other types of barre workouts. They can get pricey; however, it is cheaper to have an online subscription than to go to the studio in person.

Overall, I think the biggest part to staying fit is consistency. With daylight hours being slightly different during the winter, it can be hard to be consistent.

To help with consistency: write it down in a planner/schedule your workout! It’s even better if you have a workout buddy.

Do you have any tips for staying fit during the winter?


1 thought on “Staying Fit in the Winter”

  1. I go to barre3 in studio and with my membership receive the online classes for free! I try to be flexible. If I planned to go to the studio on a Monday but it is now snowing, I try to fit in an online class. Also, I make a realistic goal of going 3x a week and 2x online. The online classes are varied in time so I could do a 10 min online class one night that is jam packed with other things and feel great.


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