Teaching How To Study

Hi y’all,

As teaching is such a big part of my life (it is my full time job, after all), I want to do a weekly post about education.

Right before winter break, I had a talk with one of my admin about students’ study habits. I hear from parents all the time how they wished their child knew how to study.

I realized that I’m enabling them by giving them papers with all the information on it and then never “forcing” them to go back to them. Yes, I give them to time to study during Morning Work.  They also rush through their weekly Math Review at school so they do not have to do it at home. While, I give them credit for time management, they are not learning skills that they will need later in life.

One of my goals for this semester, especially with state testing coming up, is to go over study skills and teach them different note taking/review strategies.

I actually came across an anchor chart on Instagram by another teacher and LOVED it! It talked about what studying is versus what it isn’t and then what it looked like and when it occurs.

Anyway, here are a few of the things I am planning on teaching this upcoming semester:

1. Note taking styles
-Cornell notes
     -Teach how to create cornell notes
     -How to use them to study
     -Teach how to create an outline
     -How to make up an outline (color coding)
-Powerpoint/Google Slides
     -How to use them like flashcards
2. Study habits
-Studying every day
      -Take a few minutes every day
      -Study different things every day
-Using highlighters/color appropriately and usefully
       -Dates, names, places should be different colors
       -Define words that you don’t know
-Note cards/flashcards
       -Take the time to make them for yourself
-How to study with another person
       -Concentrate on what you’re doing (FOCUS!)
       -It is not getting off topic/subject
       -Maybe don’t study with your best friend

Do you teach your kids how to study? What works well? How do you study?


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