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    Spring Arrivals

    Hi y’all, I think everyone thinks winter is going to last forever at this point; however, we’re less than a month out from the first official day of Spring! Here are a few of my fashion picks for springtime: 1. The Kelby Stretch Shift Dress 2. Painted Shells Wrap Dress 3. Softserve V-neck Tee 4. Striped Sankaty Madaket Tee Dress xx,LindseyInstagram | Pinterest

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    Top 5 Tips for Balancing Priorities

    Hi y’all, I’ve been a little overwhelmed lately, hence the lack of posts. However, I’m on day 2 of snow days, and feel like I’m in a good spot right now. Even though I’m recovering from some sort of virus/cold thing, I still feel like I’m on top of things. I think one thing I’ve been having trouble with lately is balance. Which is odd because I’m normally so good at this one thing. Here are my top 5 tips for balancing priorities: 1. Write down everything you have to get done. After you’ve written everything down, re-write it in order that it is due/must be done. For instance, my…