A Weekend with Me: Target and Rodeo

Good morning y’all,

I wanted to share a weekend in my life.

Saturday, I spent 3 hours at Target. Which, yes sounds like a lot of time. I did some shopping for my classroom for the upcoming school year. Target is giving teachers a 15% off one time coupon to use this week, so I jumped on it. Everything I bought for my classroom was $5 or under! I’m switching to Language Arts this year, so I knew I would need some additional storage compared to last year. I also bought some stuff for flexible seating. What really took the longest was I ended up buying Airpods, and I struggled to find someone to help me. Who knew Target at 9 am on a Saturday would be so busy?

After Target, I went home and hung out for a bit. Then, we headed out to the local rodeo in a neighboring county. The rodeo was so much fun! Growing up riding English, I can say that this was definitely different from the shows I rode in.

Little cowboys got their try on the broncs first. Their broncs were little and I believe the youngest cowboy to try his hand was five. However, this was not part of the “official” rodeo, but it sure was cute.

The host farm’s Drill Team opened up the evening with a showcase ride. Then, they did the first round of the Bronc riding. My dad joked with me that I should have just ridden Western instead of English, but he definitely said he was glad I couldn’t try Bronc riding. Only eight cowboys made the eight second mark to compete in the second session. After the first round of the Bronc riding, they did some Mutton Busting.

Mutton Busting is for little ones to try their hand at riding a sheep. It was adorable! The kids also got right up after falling off, and were great sports about it.

Next, came Barrel Racing. The fastest rider was just barely over 16 seconds at 16.125 seconds. It was definitely interesting to watch the Barrel Racers warm up. It seems so different from how I was taught to school prior to a show.

After the cowgirls rode, the eight bronc riders that made the time got their chance at the second round. Not all of them ending up competing, one hurt his knee during the first round.

Overall, it was so fun to go and enjoy! As a rider of the opposite discipline it was so interesting to see and learn more about it.

On Sunday, I spend the day doing some work on the blog and learning more about Word Study for the upcoming school year.

What did you do this weekend?


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