Teacher Tuesday: Organization

Hi y’all,

Today’s post is all about organization for the teacher, but depending on what your career is, you might find it interesting as well.

My first step is to find an organization system that works for you. I had seen multiple teacher’s organization systems thanks to a year and half as a TA, student teaching, and subbing across multiple schools.

I was super silly and just thought I could handle the system of putting papers/task cards/tests, etc. all in file folders, labeling them with the skill and that being okay. Well, it definitely wasn’t.

Luckily, I’m actually switching content areas from Math to Language Arts (or that was the plan at the end of the year). Which means, I get a “fresh” start when it comes to organization.

This year, I’m going to be using binders, sheet protectors, and dividers.

I’m going to split my binders into sections based off the standards being taught. Writing and Grammar will be one binder. Then, I will have another for fiction skills, another for non fiction skills, and a student information binder. This way, I can keep track of the important data without looking online.

Task cards are separate and will be in laminated envelopes. This way, the envelopes stay year after year, and are much cheaper compared to photo boxes from Michaels or Walmart. They are easily kept by the table I’m using for small groups, which means I can pick one whenever I need them.

For my lesson plans, I’m going to be using Google Docs again, so I can share them with other teachers/assistants as necessary. I do print these out as well, and keep them in their own binder so I always have a hard copy should someone need it. Plus, it is super easy to look back on in future years when planning.

What is y’alls organization system?


1 thought on “Teacher Tuesday: Organization”

  1. Preparation of interesting material for the lessons really takes a lot of time. Now there are many resources that can quickly find the necessary data. Your approach to organizing the learning process is interesting to me.


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