Winter Clothing Essentials

Hi y’all,

Since we’re in the middle of winter, I wanted to take a minute to talk about my winter clothing essentials. As a teacher, I can’t wear jeans except on Fridays, which has drastically changed my winter wardrobe.

For my essentials, I try to buy staple items because I want to be able to buy them year after year.

1. J.Crew Factory Gigi Pant || I always buy the one with the side zip closure. These are super comfortable, fit well with boots (a must in the winter for me), and I can wear different shirts and sweaters with them. Bonus, they are almost always on sale.

2. Pullover/Crewneck sweater || I love these. I wear them all the time. There is a bonus if they have length to wear I can wear them with leggings.

3. Swing Dresses || Honestly, these are a staple all year long, but especially on warmed days in the winter. I do find that they cling to tights, so I tend to wear them on warmer days or when I’ll be inside most of the day. Lilly Pulitzer’s Ophelia dress is hands down one of my favorites, but Old Navy also makes an affordable option.

4. Boots || I live in boots in the winter, especially boots that have more of a rounded toe versus a pointy toe. I do like the LL Bean Boot, Frye boots, and Hunter boots. For my Hunter Boots I tend to wear their boot sock with them to keep warm when I’m outside. Last year, I bought my first pair of short hunter boots and I LOVE them. I can definitely get them on/off better compared to the taller ones. I also wear a thicker sock with my Bean Boots if I’m outside for a long period of time. For reference, I bought the 8″ bean boots to make sure that my ankles feel supported.

5. LL Bean Mountain Classic Down Parka || Mine was a Christmas present this year, and I love this thing. I still personally love my Barbour coat, but this one is amazing too (and still available unlike my winter Barbour coat since it was limited edition. I love the length of this coat as well.

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