Outfit Under $50

Hi y’all,

As you saw in this post, I’m working on budgeting and saving. I was talking with my best friend, Lili, and she asked me how I go about styling outfits. Then, I quickly asked what’s the budget? $50. So, each outfit will be made up of pieces $50 or less, and can be worn multiple ways so you can get multiple outfits out of your purchase.

I love basics that can be worn a lot of different ways. As a teacher, my kids notice when I wear something constantly, and they will tell me when I wore something last.

I will say that I tend to shop at stores that give a discount to teachers and stores that discount pretty regularly in some way. I put current sale prices from when I was looking up the item; however, these items are basics that are available almost anywhere.

The cardigan and shoe can go with either outfit which is such a huge bonus for me when it comes to styling outfits. 
The full cost of both outfits is $127.95 pretax. However, if you only had to pick one outfit, you could do it for as little as $72.07 with shoes, or $47.98 without shoes (because let’s face it, we have shoes that will work). 
Side note: all the items were on sale when I was looking them up, but I wanted you to know the full price in case the sale price changed. 
I tried to pick things that you also probably already have in your closet as well.
Is there an item you want me to style? Let me know in the comments! 

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