Spring Transition Outfits

Hi y’all!

It’s that time of the year again where we need transitional outfits from winter to spring. Especially here in Virginia where it can go from being 30 degrees in the morning to 55 or higher by the afternoon. Add in getting all four seasons in a day (no joke, it really happens), picking an outfit for the day can be tricky.

Y’all, spring is in the air, and I love spring fashion. I love how transitional it is, meaning I can still wear some of my favorite winter pieces, but include warmer weather attire as well. I found all of these items at Loft, but I’m sure you have a variation of them already in your closet.
You can also trade out the shorts for jeans and the ballet flats for boots. If you need to dress them up for work in the winter, you could wear dress pants and ballet flats. You could also swap out these shorts for jean shorts and sandals or flip flops for a casual summer outfit.
Signature Cardigan || This is available in different colors (black, white, coral, and honeycomb). You can also get a similar cardigan that is v-neck, also available in multiple colors (navy, white, blue, and coral). 
Square Neck Tank Top || Available in multiple colors (black, white, grey, and caper-looks olive online). This is a fantastic basic that you can wear all year long. I’ve actually been looking for one since we no longer have a White House Black Market in town. They used to have the best one, and it doesn’t even look like they still carry the same one online. You could also replace this with any thick strap tank top. 
Curvy Riviera Shorts 4″ inseam || Super comfortable and easy to dress up or down depending on your top and footwear. 
Tweed Pocket Jogging Skirt || This one is an online exclusive-not found in stores unless it’s been returned. So cute, and you probably have something similar to it in your closet already. Best part is it has pockets!
Midi Drawstring Midi Skirt || Again, this is another basic that you probably already have in your closet, or at least something similar to it. 
KEDS sneakers  || This one is an online exclusive-not found in stores unless it’s been returned. Again, your probably have a similar shoe already in your closet. I have Converse and New Balance’s that I would wear instead of these KEDS.
Ballet Flats || I know you have a pair of flats in your closet, even if it’s more of a loafer style, it would still look amazing with either skirt option.
What are you looking forward to this spring?

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