Workout Review: M3 Core Training

Hey y’all,

I had to take a break due to some major grad school assignments being due this past weekend. So sorry for the absence!

Anyway, last night I went to M3 Core Training. This is a boutique studio in Charlottesville.

I actually went here one time before for a Megaformer class. This one was REALLY tough. It is definitely all about abs and core strength. I feel like its a mixture of total core and pilates on the reformer. You can add resistance to it and the coaches are great at making sure you are doing the exercise correctly. I would recommend this class if you have super good core strength (like can hold a plank for 5+ minutes). It is a good workout. I was not a huge fan of the moving carriage and found it super difficult to feel comfortable with it. My abs hurt for DAYS after this class.

Last night, I did Functional HIT. This class was broken up into 6 segments where you did 2 or 3 different moves and then switched. It was definitely challenging. We did 30 seconds of work, 15 seconds rest. Repeat two more times (total of 3 times through) and then we got 1 minute to break before we switched. I liked how everything was based on a normal movement that you do during the day (hence why it is functional). It was faced paced which I like. The owner actually ran the class which was really cool, she actually designed the program for the day and knew how it should be done. In my group, there was a girl that came all the time so she was able to show my friend and me how to do certain moves. I did like how it had a boxing element in it at one point. This was actually one of the most fun parts of the class for me.

It is a little pricy at $27.00/single class. They do offer class packs and unlimited packages. They also offer rowing, I just haven’t taken this class).
Personally, I can’t see myself paying for this outside of an occasional class because I already pay for a gym membership where I can get functional HIT training anytime I want. This gym has limited hours and only offers classes. With my schedule as a teacher, I’m working during the majority of their class times. Also, I’m not a huge fan of always having to sign up for a time slot because something might come up at school and I can’t make it.

I’ve done a few more different “boutique” style fitness classes, so look out to some posts on those. Charlottesville is definitely cardio crazed, so I plan on trying some cycling and yoga.

What’s your favorite style of workout?

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