Accessing Books

Hi y’all,

I am a self-proclaimed book worm. With this pandemic, the local libraries are closed. This also means my students cannot access books like they are used to. There is no longer a school library they go to once a week for specials. There is not a public library their families can take them to.

I love books and typically can read multiple books a week, or be found staying up way to late just to finish a book. During the semester, I often have multiple chapters and articles to reach each week for my classes, so I don’t read as much then.

The New Normal (1)

  1. iBooks. I have an iPad so I get a lot of the free books on the books app that comes on the iPad.
  2. Libby. This is an app that uses your public library card. It works just like a library. You can search through new arrivals, or search available titles. You can also search for audiobooks or ebooks. You can borrow books for a set amount of time, and you can still return them early.
  3. Vooks. This is great for kids! They are books that are typically animated in some way. They are definitely geared towards babies to third grade.
  4. Kindle/Amazon. Another great option. Some authors are offering books for free during this time period so this is a great place to check.
  5. Overdrive. This one is very similar to Libby where you can borrow books with your library card.
  6. Scribd. I used this for a while a few years ago and liked it. It is a subscription service, but I believe it’s free right now. It is like Hulu for books.

Where are you all finding your books to read?



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