Shop Local

Hi y’all,

As you’ve probably noticed, there are people barking down the door for you to shop local right now.

With many stores and gyms closed to the public, or only allowing a certain number of customers in at a time, it is so important to shop local.

What does it mean to shop local? It means supporting businesses in your local community.

Shop Local

What jumps to mind are the traditional family-owned businesses in your town. Yes, this is true; however, corporate stores still need your money and many corporations act like each individual store is “local”. For instance, a store that is corporate still needs to make their rent and they use the money the store in your town brings in to pay rent, pay employees, and pay for the merchandise in the store. Right now, I know it is harder to shop “local”, but if you can, call in your order to restaurants. Try not to order clothes online and wait for the store to reopen. Many corporate stores still contract out their needs to more local businesses, like their HVAC unit maintenance, window cleaning, deep cleaning of stores, etc.

How can I shop local/Help?

-Go in stores as much as possible (when it’s safe)! Even if you end up needing to order something, their corporation still knows you were helped in-store. Obviously, now is not the time to be in store, but you can order over the phone and this has the same effect.

-Limit online ordering.

-If you order online, make your return online or via mail. Most stores will take a financial hit if you return your online order to a brick and mortar store.

-Reach out to your friends that own businesses. I know people that own card businesses, art businesses, etc. Even those coaching, fashion, etc. businesses that contact you on social media. Like their page, share posts, comment, you don’t have to buy anything! Be nice!

-Like a product? Share about it! You don’t have have a blog or be an Instagram influencer to tell people about a product you love.

-Keep memberships active. Love your local cycle studio? Keep your membership open. Order giftcards, merchandise, etc.

A note on giftcards:

Giftcards can be tricky. Often times, the business does not actually get the money for the giftcard until a purchase is made. This means that if you purchase a giftcard today, but it isn’t used for 6 months, the business doesn’t actually have the funds released to them for 6 months. This depends on how the business has their books set up, so this could vary based on the business.

Obviously, this is not an exhaustive list, and I’ll be doing a small business spotlight every week to bring attention to a local business each week. This will be a business that either I know the owners or have purchased from directly.

If you know of a local business you would like to see featured, drop me a comment!



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