Best Workout & Lounge Clothes

Hi y’all,

Happy Monday!

As we’re all pretty much spending way more time than usual at home, I thought I would share some of my absolute favorite workout & lounge wear. For me, they pretty much double because I lounge in my workout wear all the time.

These are all my tried and true loves that I wear constantly and continuously buy. I shop for workout wear mostly at Nordstrom and Athleta. However, the nearest Nordstrom to me is supposedly closing so I’m not sure what I’ll decide to do in the future.

If you need a new workout, try this one!

Favorite Leggings:

Zella “Live In” High Waist Crop (bonus: these have POCKETS)

Zella “Live in” High Waist Full Length

These are great for spin class, weighted workouts, other types of cardio, and hanging out. They stay up really well and I rarely have to pull them up.

Favorite Sports Bra:

Zella Body Fusion Sports Bra (currently sold out)-great for any high impact/high intensity workouts and lounging

Conscious Crop-great for high intensity workouts and lounging

Hyper Focused Bra-great for lower intensity and lounging

Solace Bra-great for low intensity and lounging & any shirt that shows off your back

Favorite Tops:

Any old tshirt (college sorority shirts, old tank tops, etc.)

Lilly Pulitzer Luxletic Tank Top

What are y’alls favorite workout/lounge wear?



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