My 5 Year Plan

Hi y’all,

Today is kicking off a solid month of blog posts with a 5 year plan. I’m so excited to blog every single day this month. I know this is going to be a bit of a challenge with my grad classes starting again this month.

My 5 year plan is essentially what I plan on doing in the next 5 years-so by 2025! This is so crazy to me that in 5 years we’ll be halfway through another decade. I’ll be in my early 30’s, which is also crazy! I remember when we made a huge deal out of 2000 in elementary school.

Anyway, for me my 5 year plan is pretty basic:

  1. Graduate from Grad School.
  2. Get a puppy.
  3. Buy a house.
  4. Travel back to London and the rest of the UK.

I really want to only include things I can control in my 5 year plan; however, ideally I’ll fall in love and get married in the next 5 years, too.

In order to achieve these things in my 5 year plan, I need to save money. I cannot spend money that I don’t have. I’m fortunate that I’m 100% debt free, and that is definitely helping me reach my goals at a faster rate.

I also know that I could potentially start a new job as a Reading Specialist or switch school districts during this time period, as well.

I want to grow my blog and YouTube channel more as well. Hopefully as I am in the home stretch of my graduate program I’ll be able to focus more time here.



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