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Fitness & Health Update

Hi y’all,

Fitness/health update is here! For those of you that don’t know I try to do some sort of physical activity every day. I crushed my apple watch goals in May. I achieved the May award, and closed my movement ring every day except 5 days of the whole month. One of those days I was 2 calories away from closing it.

Even though I’ve been pretty dedicated with working out. I did a few workouts from 80 Day Obsession, 2 weeks of Barre Blend (both from Beachbody), and I just started Morning Meltdown with my friend, Lili. We’re doing this program together so hopefully we will complete it! Disclaimer: Not a Beachbody coach, I just like the workouts.

I’ve talked about working out in vlogs and this post and here. It’s definitely something I’m putting as a higher priority in my life this summer, as I am focusing on Grad School, without anything else to do until my retail job opens back up.

I can now walk for about 30 minutes straight without being totally out of energy. I’m going to try walking earlier in the day so the Virginia humidity doesn’t make me feel horrible. Where I walk it’s constantly a HIIT workout because there are hills. I also noticed when doing Beachbody workouts I feel like I can do two-a-days without completely dying. I definitely did several two-a-days when I did Barre Blend. 80 Day Obsession workouts are longer (about 45 minutes to an hour each) so I never experimented with those.

Now comes the shocker: absolutely zero results. Nothing has changed.

I realized though that I haven’t been doing certain things. I take two different daily supplements to help with bloating and some other digestive issues I have, and I realized I haven’t been consistently taking them. I also realized that I am pretty much living in a constant state of dehydration. Even though I always have water with me, I rarely-if ever- drink enough water to actually be hydrated.

This month, I’m focusing on staying consistent with workouts and drinking water, along with taking my supplements every day.

What goals do you have for your health and fitness?



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