Secrets to a Successful Summer Term

Hi y’all,

If you’re summer terms for undergrad and grad classes haven’t started yet, they will be soon! Mine are starting this week and next (I have one class starting this week, and one next). I decided it was time to sit down and get organized. I prep a little bit differently for my summer classes just because they often have the same amount of work as a Fall or Spring semester class, but in half the time.

The first thing I do is print out my syllabi and course calendars so I can write down important information in my own planner. I write down major assignments in the monthly view, and then I write down all assignments in the weekly/daily view (I’m switching planner formats in July). I make sure these are color coded! I leave a sticky note with a key to the color coding that I can change each week. If I have a major assignment due, I make sure I write it on the previous week to remind myself to start working on it.

I make sure I have a multi-subject notebook. I got a 5 subject one, and I will be using it for both Summer and Fall classes. I take 2 classes each term so I’ll have an extra section left over.

I create a folder on my desktop for each class so I can put my any written assignments, like papers, into them right away.

I’ve also typed up a Google Sheet separated into weeks, so I knew what was due each week for all the classes I was taking.

The big thing I do differently for my Summer classes compared to my Fall and Spring classes is I start reading before the semester starts. This helps so much, especially if they are reading intensive classes (which I’m taking a Children’s Lit this summer, so it is super reading intensive).

What are you taking this summer?



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