Weekly Catch Up 6.13

Happy Saturday y’all!

This week I’ve been doing a lot of reading for my classes to hopefully get ahead so I don’t feel as much pressure during the rest of the summer term.

However, I did spend a little bit of money this week. I haven’t shopped at Sephora in a while (like years) and I wanted to try out the Isle of Paradise tanning drops because I’m extra pale and nothing seems to be working as far as self-tanners go. So I put in an order….I just got the tanning drops, and tried them out tonight. No worries, I’ll keep you updated! I also got some Charlotte Tilbury lipglosses to try out. However, on Thursday night, I tried out the Clinique body exfoliator and oh my gosh am I in love! My legs have never felt softer in my entire life.

As far as working out goes, I have accomplished 11 days of Morning Meltdown from Beach Body! I normally don’t stick with a workout program this long, so I’m super proud of myself. I have already started noticing results! I am also making it a priority to walk or ride the stationary bike for more steady state workouts. I honestly don’t like our stationary bike-it’s a recumbent bike and I’m too short for it so it is uncomfortable for me, but I can’t get a regular spin bike yet.

I’ve been listening to lots of country music-specifically Morgan Wallen and Jimmie Allen.

Anyway, I’ve written a few posts this week and wanted to make sure you saw them all:

Doubts about Blogging

Tips to a Successful Summer Term

Classroom Prep Now (Instead of August)

Protect your Skin

Productivity Secrets

This upcoming week, I plan on more workouts and more reading. If you can’t tell this is kind of the story of my life right now!

What have you been up to?



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