Weekly Catch Up 6.20.2020

Hi y’all,

Happy Saturday! I hope y’all have your Father’s Day gifts all picked out and ready to go. Unfortunately, my dad is most likely only getting part of his gift as the second half hasn’t arrived yet. However, I’ll spoil the real present tomorrow (it’s a good one).

Anyway, I wanted to drop in and share about my week. I’ve been working on my grad classes and we started a major assignment for one of them. We actually will be working on the project all semester which is a little crazy. Technically next week is modules 5 and 6 for this class, which means I’ll be halfway done with it on Friday!

I did some work on a major blog post about Charlottesville. I love my hometown and I just want everyone to see the good parts, too.

This week’s posts

If I had an extra $1000

My Relationship with God

101 in 1001 June Check In

Mid Year Goal Check In

Children’s Book Review

A Local’s Guide to Charlottesville

Music I’ve been Listening To

Chase Rice, Morgan Wallen, Jimmie Allen


Gretchen’s Happy Hour Podcast


Walking, indoor bike (not spin), and Beachbody Morning Meltdown.


I bought my mom and I Bodo’s when I was working on my Charlottesville pictures for the blog post.

Have a great day y’all!



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