A Review of Skillshare

Hi y’all,

I recently had a trial from Skillshare and I wanted to share with y’all my opinion before you spend $99 a year for a membership.

First things first, it is mostly a membership site. You can get away with not paying and viewing free videos; however, that option is limited. For me, I cannot justify spending $99 a year or $8.25/month for the premium version.

There is not a ton of variety on Skillshare. It is definitely focused more on media, technology, and advertising.

I do think you can find a lot of the information that is on Skillshare somewhere else for free. It might not be as organized or specific, but it’s available.

On the flip side, it is convenient. You can click on a category and have immediate access to all the classes available on Skillshare that talks about a specific skill. The organization is a definite plus for Skillshare. However, YouTube and Google are just as good a resource for these, and you would find more of a variety.

Overall, I will not be paying for Skillshare. I thought a lot of the content available was easily accessible elsewhere or was common knowledge. I would prefer to spend my money more wisely on something else. During my free trial period, I watched one full class on Skillshare. It was an hour long video on Instagram, and honestly it could have been shorter or split into different videos/classes.

Have you tried Skillshare? Do you have a different opinion compared to mine?



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