30 Days of Blogging

Hi y’all,

Well, it’s officially day 30 of blogging every day for a month. Y’all, I’m so glad that I challenged myself to put out 30 posts. It was definitely helpful in learning more about myself and more about some of the parts of blogging that I often forget are just as important as the actual post. I started this challenge with My 5 Year Plan, wrote multiple book posts, gave a fitness update, and shared a 101 in 1001 update.

First, I definitely learned that it gets tough to put out posts every day for 30 days. I know that I used some of these days to post more get to know me things. I know the bloggers I follow more closely are the ones I feel a connection to. You cannot feel a connection unless you know the person.

Second, I “failed” at consistently marketing my posts. If you’re a full time blogger, or part time blogger making money off the blog, I can totally see how marketing your posts is a major time suck on your day. Between Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook (if Facebook is letting you post), and everything else I do in a day it is incredibly tough to have enough time to adequately market yourself and your posts. I can totally see what bloggers use schedulers and other tools like that to help them out with marketing their posts.

Third, I learned more about marketing. Facebook is currently against linking to blog posts (Thanks Facebook), which was one of my major sources for readers. Now, my major source is definitely Pinterest. Marketing on Pinterest is its own beast; however, can be very rewarding.

Fourth, it’s time consuming. I knew how much I tend to spend on a normal post, and I normally write about 15 a month. However, writing 30 posts was actually more like triple to quadruple the amount of time I normally spend because I was writing posts that varied from my usual content.

Will I continue blogging as frequently? Definitely not. I can foresee myself continuing to post 3 to maybe 4 times a week. However, I truly enjoyed getting to write so many posts and share more insight into my world.

If you have any post requests, feel free to drop them in the comments! Thanks for reading along with me this month!



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