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Flood day?

Hi y’all,

Something a little crazy happened last week. We had a flood day! I’m more used to snow days than flood days. My junior year of high school, we ended up having both when it snowed 3 feet twice, and the snow melted so fast between the storms that we had severe flooding.

However, we managed to somehow get a flood day. Anna (my roommate) and I walked around in the afternoon to see some of the damage and flooding. We knew where some of the major flooding was and walked a different direction.

Also, I will be the first person to say that teaching this year is so different than teaching the last two years. My school district is still offering 100% in person or 100% virtual for elementary (no hybrid model). Our middle and high schools are all on a hybrid model.

When Anna and I went on our walk, I took some footage and did a week in my life, so I thought I’d share it here. Make sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel so you can see videos first!



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