Amazon Workout Finds

Amazon has tons of great workout finds! I’m spending a lot of time this year focusing on my mental and physical health, and I love finding stuff on Amazon to use to workout. I have a Beachbody account (not a coach!). Obe fitness is similar, however, are stand-alone classes, while Beachbody are more comprehensive programs.

The Amazon Workout Finds

Amazon workout finds

Disclaimer: I am a member of Amazon Affiliate Program and may receive compensation with your purchase from Amazon. All opinions are my own.

The Links
  1. Booty Bands |$24.95 | Fantastic for glute activation!
  2. Loop Bands | $9.69 | Love these for training legs and adding some resistance.
  3. Step | 26.50 | A step is great for adding a little more depth to your stretches and leg workout. I don’t blame you if you think back to those 80s and 90s workout tapes/Richard Simmons type workouts. They add such a great element to any workout.
  4. Yoga Mat | $23.67 | I will be the first person to tell you the thicker the yoga mat the better. My back does not like laying on a hard floor, so the extra cushion this one provides is great. Consequently, I tend to leave my mat on the floor all the time, and Callie, my cat, loves laying on it too!
  5. Exercise Ball | $19.97-$34.97 | These balls are fantastic for yoga, balance work, or just sitting on at the office. This one has a ton of different colors to pick from, so you are bound to find one for your aesthetic.
  6. Leggings | $26-$30 | These leggings are compared to Lululemon leggings. What makes them even better than Lululemon is the price tag. Shelling out $100+ for a pair of leggings isn’t always possible. Plus, these have pockets.
  7. Sliders | $12.95 | Sliders are a great addition to ab and leg workouts. They definitely make the workout harder as your have to control yourself completely. I’ve tried using socks and paper plates. However, nothing is better than the real deal.
  8. Contour Leggings | $19.99-$27.99 | If you like leggings that contour your curves, these are a great option at a great price.
  9. Jump Rope | $8.49 | The old school elementary warm-up is now a great cardio warm-up or full-on cardio workout. You can also get a cordless weighted one here. The benefit to one without a cord is that you don’t have to worry about tripping!
  10. Women’s Workout Jacket | $32.95-$38.95 | If you love the Lululemon Define Jacket, or don’t want to spend the money on it, this is a great dupe! This one is $45 and is another great dupe for it. Such a better deal instead of $118 for the Lululemon version!
  11. Weights | prices vary by weight | I love the soft grip on these weights, it’s almost like a cushion and really helps to prevent calluses. However, this particular one is sold in singles (aka one weight). You can also find adjustable weights here and here.
  12. Workout tops | $18.98 | I actually love doing yoga and pilates in long sleeve shirts. I totally get that some people prefer a tank top ($9.98-$14.98) for every workout. And, there are also crop tops ($20.98). I typically go for a tank top if I’m doing a super cardio-based workout like spin.

What do you need to workout?



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