I’m Spilling the Tea: Recent Life Update

Hello, hello!

While I know it’s been a while, I’ve actually posted a few Youtube vlogs this December. However, I’ve realized my internet is horrible (even though I only live 3 miles outside of the city limits). Therefore, I’m sticking to doing a regular blog and vlogging occasionally.

I’ve been super busy these past few months putting together a very important application. However, before we discuss the application aspect, we’re going to time travel for a minute so I can fill you in on everything.

Back in 2015, I graduated from Christopher Newport University with a Bachelors of Arts (BA) in Communication Studies, minors in Leadership Studies and History. At the time, I was hoping to start a business focused on Social Media consultation for local businesses. Unfortunately, with working full time in retail, this idea failed to launch. The other alternative was working as a journalist. Again, I didn’t really want to move to a bigger city or move multiple states away which is where the places I was hearing from were located. The places that were calling, paid so little that in every interview I had they asked if I had family I could stay with in the area (I wish I was kidding).

For someone with a college degree that was discouraging. I decided I would take a year to figure out what I wanted to do next. So, I thought about all the reasons that I liked media, and I realized I wanted to be a teacher. I sat my parents down in August and told them I had set up a meeting with an advisor at Mary Baldwin University (at the time it was still called Mary Baldwin College). At this meeting the advisor and I made a game plan based solely on one important question: do you always want to be a classroom teacher? My answer to this was no. Not because I wanted to go into administration, but because I wanted to be a Reading Specialist. This put me on the track to do a second bachelors, called a Post Bac. After finishing this program, the goal was for me to teach for a year or two before going back to school for my masters. In education, you do not get paid more because you have a second masters degree, so it was a better financial decision for me to only do the Post Bac option at the time.

Well, almost a month after I finished my Post Bac, I started looking up programs for my Masters of Education. One program continuously stuck out to me. I had a few things on my list that I needed checked and this particular program checked the three most important boxes: a GRE alternative admissions program, affordability,  and online.

My brain and standardized tests do not always see eye to eye, so I knew I wanted a GRE alternative option. The program I found allowed me to take two classes and write an essay as the equivalent to the GRE. This past spring and summer I took the two classes I needed for admissions. The added bonus of the classes counting toward the degree was even better.

As a teacher, I unfortunately do not qualify for most financial aid options besides loans. I’m proud to say that as of right now, I have never had to take out a loan for my education. Luckily, the program I found offers educators pricing, meaning I pay less per credit hour, up to 6 credit hours (which is my max for my program anyway). Plus, even without educators pricing, online classes costs less compared to in person classes.

Finally, the program being online was important. I still want to teach every day, and I love the flexibility of online classes. Plus, still teaching means that I have relevant experiences and am able to bring new information to my classroom every day.

Now that you have all the important background information. Here’s the tea: I’m starting my Masters of Education degree at the University of Virginia this January! UVA is nationally ranked in education (currently #14) and is constantly improving the field of education with all the research they contribute. UVA is actually where Word Study, the way it is taught today, was created.

It’s a 10 class program, and I’ve already taken 2 thanks to the GRE alternative, meaning I’m effectively 1/5 of the way done already. They are currently changing some of the classes so I’m hoping that this stays true. I have an advisory meeting in the middle of the spring semester to talk about the plan as that should mean the class catalog is finalized a little bit more.

While I am so excited to have the opportunity to study at UVA and work toward my dream of being a Reading Specialist, this means no puppy until I’m finished with the program as I financially won’t be able to support a puppy. I’m also working on budgeting more so that I make sure I can continuously financially support myself and pay for school without taking out loans.

And that’s the tea.

I’m not quitting blogging. My goal is to have posts up two or three times a week. However, my job as a teacher and school come first. I’m spending this weekend creating an editorial calendar so I can have everything ready to go each week.

Let me know if there is anything you want to see!


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