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As we all know, Bachelor in Paradise and The Bachelorette aren’t filming right now. As we saw with Peter’s season, I didn’t like most of the girls. I felt like a lot of the girls were too young or immature for him.

Now, I have not been watching The Bachelor franchise very long. I’ve watched Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette, Bachelor in Paradise, andPeter’s season of The Bachelor.

I did some recaps of Peter’s season, but ended up stopping about halfway through his season. Why? I legitimately couldn’t stand the girls. Sure, I think some of them are great; but it was obvious how many of them did not care about being with Peter. Instead, they were obviously on the show for getting instafamous.

Honestly, that is one of the major issues I have with the franchise. The purpose of the show is to find your forever, not the person for the next 6 months of your life (or less) just to get sponsorships and endorsements. I understand that you spend 8 weeks on the show and you are eliminated people every week. I get that it’s like a bubble, and not quite real world.

Obviously, the selection for Peter’s season was…not desired. These girls are at a different place in their lives than he is. I think they actual intention was to try to save the franchise a bit with picking Peter as the last bachelor, as he was older and more established (permanent job) compared to the younger contestants that have selected previously. Unfortunately, it backfired when they picked girls that were mostly in their early 20s.

Overall, the show is….fake.

The next thing that absolutely kills me: the over dramatization. I’m sorry, they’re clearly being baited the majority of the time. From Hannah’s season, Luke P obviously had some issues during the season. I don’t think that is who he totally is. I’m not saying that he’s better or worse (or that he wasn’t inappropriate), just that we didn’t get the meaning or context behind what he was saying. Apparently when you sign the contract to be on the show you grant ABC the right to call you for up to a year for appearances, etc., and they clearly took advantage of that with Hannah Brown. They had Hannah make appearances on BIP and Peter’s season just to add more drama. It was unnecessary! I would be so conflicted if I kept seeing the person who I had recently spent 4-8 weeks getting to know and making a connection with on the journey. Especially if that person was not with anyone else.

The people they are selecting as contestants are not the average person. The people they are picking are what society has decided are model worthy people. At the end of the day, I can’t see myself as one of them. They end up not being relatable on the tv show. While having good looking people on tv isn’t a bad thing, they aren’t the “normal person next door”.

I think that having the contestants partake in competitions like the magazine shoot, and the Revolve fashion show were also in poor taste. We already know these people are good looking, we don’t need to throw in a model competition. Why are they even trying to win anything? This should be a chance to get to know the lead.

On top of that, the dates aren’t super relatable. Some of the dates could be. Like sightseeing around a new city, just not on horseback. I also don’t know many people who charter a yacht, they might take their own boat out for a date.

Can the franchise change to the point where I would watch it again? I’m not entirely sure. I think that the entire franchise has gotten to the point where everyone who signs up (unless they’re signed up by someone else) has the thoughts of the money, instafame, and everything else that comes after the show.

I think picking Clare as the next Bachelorette (whenever that gets underway) is a nice attempt, but even though a lot of the men originally cast were younger than Clare and aren’t in the same place in their life. I also think that it’s too late. Newer watchers are not familiar with Clare, which makes the buy in a little more difficult for some people. I know bits and pieces of Juan Pablo’s season, but really the only thing I hear is that he was a jerk on the show and I’ve never heard anything about the contestants.

Overall, I don’t even really think it matters who they pick as future leads and contestants, I don’t think I’ll be watching anymore. I can’t convince myself that it’s worth the time when it’s just so unrealistic.



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