Lilly Pulitzer Spring Fit Guide {Feb. 2 Release}

Hi y’all,

The first Spring release is in stores and online for Lilly Pulitzer! This is always exciting, because this means spring is on the way! Lilly Pulitzer typically does a release every two weeks during the Spring and Summer seasons, and about a month apart for Fall and Resort.

I took the time to try on a few items in store, and here are my thoughts on the fit:

1. Daise Stretch Maxi Dress
I am a big fan of Lilly’s stretch dresses. They fit true to size. Of course, this is a maxi so I would need to hem it (I’m 5’2″ for reference).

2. Micole Maxi Dress
Another one that fits true to size. I’d have to get this one hemmed, too.

3. Sophie Dress (this is an online exclusive)
This is a nice tshirt dress. I find with any UPF fabric, I have to go up a size or two so it doesn’t cling. This is true for this dress style as well.

4. Ophelia Dress
I took my regular dress size in this one (a small). I absolutely adore Ophelia as it is forgiving for my body type.

5. Elsa Top
This top is a Lilly favorite, and as always fits true to size.

6. Blanca Stretch Romper
I bought this in Meet Me on the Dock from Resort. I love this romper. I was in between sizes, and I ended up sizing up for more comfort when sitting.

7. Areli Pullover
This is super cute! I love the back detailing on it. Plus it’s a v-neck which is so flattering.

8. Ophelia in Lace
You will need to try this one on. I heard from some people that were shopping in store that they took their normal size or went down. I actually went up because I have broad shoulders and lace doesn’t stretch. This version of Ophelia also has a zipper. I will definitely have to get this one hemmed a tad if I decide to purchase it because of having to size up for the shoulders.

9. Cristiana Dress

True to size, so cute on! I’m normally not one for anything that is even has a slight ruffle. I tried this on today and loved it!

10. Maxcy Sweater
This is a brand new style for Lilly, and I actually really like it. It is definitely shorter in the body; however, if you have a short torso it is not cropped. If you have a regular length or long torso, it will probably be a little cropped on you. I’d purchase my normal top size. If you want, you could size up for length. Also, with the knit style, I would plan on wearing a cami underneath. Since it is a tad short, I’ll be pairing it with high waisted jeans or jean shorts.

11. Noble Fringe Cardigan
This piece is a must buy. Goes with everything. You can get it in true navy or prosecco pink. I got it in the pink.

12. Claudia Dress
This dress fits like a Skipper Dress or Sophie. I would size up since it has the UPF fabric.

What are your favorite Lilly items?



Lilly Pulitzer Resort Release

Hi Y’all,

As I mentioned in my APS post, I’ve been a Lilly lover since I was a wee one. Well, yesterday was Lilly’s last resort release. This means Spring is coming! I’ve picked a few pieces from this release that I love.

This release is full of purple/light lilac which is often not my best color, but this collection is stunning.

1. Dillon Pullover || This was a must have item for my closet. I can honestly say I have nothing like it in my closet. Plus, it goes perfectly with leggings and jeans. This fits very true to size.

2. Short Sleeve Bay Dress || I LOVE the Bay Dress. It is flattering and I’m loving the colors.

3. Romona Fringe Sweater || This is THE sweater, y’all. It is hands down one of the most flattering sweaters I own. I already owned it in black, and had to jump Periwinkle Purple.

4. Luxletic Tank || This top will always be a favorite of mine. It is always comfortable and looks good with everything.

5. Weekender High Rise Legging || I got these in the previously released True Navy. Love them. They are the perfect length for me (I’m 5’2″ so any bottom can get too long pretty quick).

What are your must haves from this release? Remember, Spring often means larger releases/collections and more often!


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Lilly Pulitzer January After Party Sale 2020

Hi y’all!

If you are a “prepster” or Lilly Lover, you probably already know that the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale (APS) is this Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday!

I have always grown up loving Lilly and this has continued into adulthood.

APS is when many people love to shop Lilly since the prices are slashed! So, I wanted to make sure y’all had the best information I can provide to help your shopping be as easy and painless as possible.

When to should I shop? In Store Saturday and Sunday and Online Monday and Tuesday.
(Follow me on Instagram for a special announcement on Saturday and Sunday)

What will prices be around? I would assume probably somewhere between 30% and 50% since that is what it has been in the past. However, that doesn’t mean that some items won’t be more or less. I’ve definitely scored pieces for 70% off during a sale before.

What items will be included? While no one knows exactly what pieces will be included until the day of the sale there are typically some hints you can count on.
*older season prints (think a season or two before).
*items from the earlier releases of the current season (this current season is Resort if that helps you).
*items that might not be “in season” for too much longer.
*Accessories like scarves (depending on print), jewelry depending on the color/style, and journals, mugs, tumblers, etc. all depending on print and when it was released.

What items will not be included? Again, we can’t be positive and they love to surprise us!
*typically are not “holy grail” or must have items/prints.
*typically not “always in season” aka anything that is a solid in resort white, onyx, or true navy. They restock these items throughout the year, and you can always get your hands on them in store or online.
*typically are not brand new items. If they just hit the floor they probably won’t be on sale.

What is the best way to shop? In store on Saturday and Sunday! All sales are FINAL sale, meaning you cannot return or exchange anything you purchase at a sale price. When you shop in store you can at least try on the items before you purchased. Plus, you’re helping out your local store!

What if I shop online because I don’t have a store near me? That’s okay, too! Make sure your account information is up to date, and have a credit card on file at lillypulitzer.com. Be ready to wait in the waiting line. I honestly don’t love the wait to get in online; however, it has helped tremendously with keeping the site from crashing so I’m okay with it in that regards.

My most helpful hint when it comes to shopping is to shop at the smaller corporate stores. They are able to help you shop via the phone, even though they cannot release a sales list to you. Same goes for signature stores! If you cannot find something you’re looking for give a few a phone call! Just google “Lilly Pulitzer Signature Store” and a bunch will pop up. Some will even help you shop via Instagram or Facebook depending on their staffing and how many orders they are currently fielding.

Over all, I think the most important thing to keep in mind is that the January APS sale is often smaller than the End of Summer sale. It’s also important that if you visit or call a store these are some of the busiest days the associates experience all year long, so please be kind and respectful! They’re trying to help as much as they can.

Are you looking for anything during APS?


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