The Rose from The Bachelor Episode 6

Hi y’all,

As I started to write draft for next week’s posts, I realized I never wrote a recap and gave my thoughts on the second episode of The Bachelor from this past week!
Peter went on some one on ones and a group date.  Peter ended up cancelling the cocktail party, and met with Tammy and Mykenna to iron out the drama. There was also a Rose Ceremony.

My thoughts:

> Hannah Ann did not open up to Peter. Peter made a comment about how he needed Hannah Ann to open up to him, she cried, and he said thanks for opening up. What did she open up about? Well, the episode didn’t show it, so I’m not entirely sure. I don’t want to say she didn’t, because we honestly don’t know what all was said. I also agree that Hannah Ann is too young for Peter. She doesn’t really seem to know what she wants out of life. Also, she totally lied to Peter about never being in love. She did disclose she had been in a 3 1/2 year long relationship; however, had never been in love. There are old posts from an Instagram where she had hashtagged #iloveyou on every picture with said ex bf.

> The telenovela was a great idea. I really enjoyed this idea for a group date. First off, it was another side of Peter we haven’t seen, and I liked his story about how this is how he learned Spanish and watched them with his grandmother. I did feel like this gave him a chance to see the girls acting skills, and found it interesting how it all went down.

> Victoria F. got another one on one, and this time it involved horses. Peter needs to send this girl home ASAP. First her ex bf shows up on a date, and now she can’t handle riding a horse without a crying. She also keeps telling Peter she doesn’t understand why she feels this way, and that maybe Peter should pick someone else. Obviously she is not dedicated to actual love.

> Thank you, both Tammy and Mykenna are gone. I’m actually glad that Peter sent Tammy home right away. This really showed that he wasn’t playing around with her. I really didn’t like her attitude during the confessional shots. She definitely had a holier than thou attitude about the whole situation and she made it rather obvious that she was there to compete, not find love.

> Down to 6 girls. Peter was eliminating girls left and right as a whole this week. I’m grateful some of them are gone. I did find it odd how happy Victoria P. was about going home. I do not think that she really thought Peter was the one since she really didn’t show emotion when talking to him, but I think in the car the producers made her cry about something else and then asked a question about her feelings.

Girls left:
Madison, Hannah Ann, Victoria F., Kelley, Kelsey, and Natasha.
We have not seen much of Natasha so I’m interested to see what we see from her on Monday.

> Still Madison as the girl he picks. This girl has stayed out of all drama and seems very calm and collected.

> Kelley is hiding something and so is Victoria F. Obviously, Victoria F. isn’t used to having to try with guys, but she is definitely hiding something else.

> Hannah Ann doesn’t stay out of the drama for long. This week, I was impressed with Hannah Ann for keeping out of the drama, it definitely showed a side of maturity we haven’t seen from her before. I do not see it lasting for long though. She is the youngest of the girls left.

What do you think? Who do you want to see go home next?



The Rose: Bachelor Week 5 (Part 1)

Hi y’all,

Welcome to week 5 of the Bachelor. This was part one of a two part episode, Wednesday night part two is airing.

We watched a one on one with Sydney, a group date photo shoot, and a one on one with Kelley. There was also a Rose Ceremony.


> Thank you, Alayah is gone (hopefully this time for real).

> Sydney is a liar. Before I even saw all the stuff on Twitter about how she hated beauty queens and was severely bullied, I knew she was lying about something. I was okay with their one-on-one date. She didn’t seem super significant to me and I was not impressed.

> Kelley is definitely not who we thought she was. Kelley definitely was rude and short with Peter during their one-on-one. Peter was obviously unnerved and was short back to her, but I understand why. Kelley on the other hand is the one holding back. I think that she is trying to deceive Peter to make sure she stays longer, I do not foresee her opening up. If I was not impressed by Sydney, I was even less impressed with Kelley. She seems like she is in it to just be on tv, and couldn’t care less where she actually was or what she was doing.

> Tammy and Kelsey obviously have their issues. I do not think it is at all appropriate that Tammy was making comments about Kelsey to the other girls. That kind of drama is unwarranted on every level. I do like that Kelsey went and talked to Peter about it instead of letting someone let it slip. I’m actually glad that I saw someone step up and saw Peter. These girls complain so much about not having any time with Peter, but no one has yet to take any initiative toward fixing that problem, until Kelsey. I do not think Kelsey needed to go and talk to the girls about it, but I think she handled it well, considering the feelings of the girls and what was being said about her. Tammy was definitely defensive before the Rose Ceremony which told me she felt apprehensive about whatever has happened. I also thought it was wrong that the girls blamed Kelsey for not having a cocktail party. If you didn’t start drama and make girls feel like they needed to say something on their own time, it would have been fine. I am surprised that Peter kept Tammy since there has been so many truth/lying incidences, unless he is still trying to figure out who was telling the truth.

> Mykenna. If you do not make some time, it’s not going to happen. You keep saying you need time, but I have not seen an instance where you’ve stepped up. When you did step up to talk to her, I cannot believe that you really didn’t take advantage of it, from at least what we saw on tv. Please stop crying! This girls has literally cried at the drop of a hat.


> Madison. No drama central right here. She has managed to keep herself out of all the drama, which is quite impressive at this point.

> Hannah Ann. Please I’m just as shocked as you are, but she stayed out of the drama, and for that I am impressed.

What are your thoughts?



The Third Rose: Bachelor Week 3

Hi y’all,

This week a lot happened.

I’ve already done recaps and thoughts on Week 1 and Week 2.

What Went Down:

Date 1: One on One Dancing Date with Victoria P.
Date 2: Demi’s Pillow Fight Group Date
“Date” 3/Cocktail Party: Pool Party (that wasn’t a pool party)

Overall, this was really the Alayah show and not The Bachelor. I feel bad for Peter that these girls are acting the way they are. I also feel bad that he has these girls to pick from. This episode was honestly a waste of an episode. The girls sat around and talked in their little cliques, and then Peter took some of them for some individual time to figure out Alayah. I will say, I applaud Sydney for sticking to her guns about calling Alayah out. However, I do think Peter has more girls there looking for the “after show” perks than the actual purpose of being his wife.

I do think Peter will have a hard time this season because he is very hardworking and caring, and besides a handful of the girls, I’m not seeing similar characteristics, and he clearly values these traits.

My Thoughts:

> Alayah is hiding her true self. She definitely seemed nice, but I think the pillow fight is an indicator of who she truly is. The second indicator to me was when Peter made a comment about how a crown looked good on her, and her response was along the lines of how she’d worn plenty of crowns. I get she’s won pageants, but she could have just said thank you.

> Many of the girls are hiding their true selves, though. I do think there are plenty of them that are hiding themselves. I agree with my friend, Lili, that these girls know what to turn it on.

>Victoria P. is definitely fitting into Peter’s typical life. She was the lucky lady that went line dancing with Peter, which is at a place he regularly goes. This was obviously an awesome date to get picked to go on, since Peter knew exactly what he was doing and was already comfortable with the date.

> Girls obviously need to be vetted more. Alayah had multiple girls that talked about how she wasn’t in the house for the right reason. Instead of getting girls with already sizable social media followings, model contracts, etc., these producers need to consider more of the “girls next door”. They can still have plenty of drama, but have a higher chance of girls actually there for love.

Favorite Girls:

>Victoria P.
> Madison


> There will be more drama, even with Alayah “gone”, that stems from Alayah in some way. They did show a preview of her coming back to talk to him, Luke P. like; however, I think there will be something else.

> Hannah Ann has not hit her stride yet. I foresee Hannah Ann becoming more of the focal point for drama as the season moves on.



The Bachelor Recap Week 2

Hi y’all,

This week The Bachelor got more intense as we knew it would.
Last week, Peter met his girls (and a literal cow), had a few dates, and sent some girls home.
As y’all saw in last week’s post, I wasn’t overly thrilled with the girls.

Here’s a quick recap:

The group date gets cancelled after some stuff with Hannah Brown. He then meets and gives the girls some talk time. There was a whole mess with a bottle of champagne (literally and figuratively). Rose ceremony, and then the fashion show date.

My thoughts:

>Kelsey’s Champagne bottle deal-I get it, it was rough to see someone (Hannah Ann) drinking your champagne with Peter. But, WHY did you leave a bottle of champagne out where anyone could take it? It isn’t like it has your name on it. I’m not at all saying Hannah Ann is innocent in this situation.

>These girls are here for the fame. I’m starting to think that these girls could care less about Peter’s heart (or their own) and are there to see if they can make some money. I’m not even talking about the money from being the next bachelorette, I don’t think they want that, they just want endorsements from clothing companies. I do find it interesting that Revolve gifted the winner what looked like so many clothes. I do think they literally put one item in each bag and then threw in tissue paper to make it look like it was full, especially at the price tags on their website ($128 for a pair of shorts? Not exactly an every day purchase for most people).

>Hannah Brown needs to let Peter have his time. I understand that it’s in Hannah’s contract with ABC (or at least most likely since we don’t actually know what the contract says besides she is obligated to ABC for a year for Bachelorette appearances). I like Hannah. I think she did a great job as the Bachelorette. However, she had her time to pick Peter. Not once but twice. Peter is a kind heart, good guy so he played by the rules is not a reason to say why you didn’t reach out. Also, Hannah broke up with Peter and aired personal stuffed about him on national TV. Peter did not have to be the person to reach out. Would he being the person he is? Absolutely. However, I listened to the Bachelor Happy Hour and I completely agree, that she could have reached out, it didn’t have to be Peter. Now, I am 100% here for if after the show, things don’t work out for Peter, sure give it another shot with Hannah B.

>Hannah Ann has got to go. I’m so over this girl. I get she’s “confident”. However, for me, this week solidified my thoughts last week on her being the next Luke P. She is definitely going to be the conniving villain of the season. While I do think the champagne-gate solidified this for me, her whole attitude during the fashion show was to me, not confident but rude and arrogant. I haven’t really seen any positive footage of Hannah Ann except for when she’s with Peter. I have a feeling she’ll be around until Hometowns so we better buckle up as far she’s concerned.

>Victoria F. is hiding some stuff. I’ve seen some shady comments about her in her “real” life, but this girl is definitely pretending. Someone who isn’t confident in themselves is not going to pick lingerie to wear in front of dozens if not hundreds of people (when you know you’re being filmed for national tv). She is definitely hiding some stuff from Peter.


Madison || I know we have some weird stuff going on with social media right now, but as of right now out of these girls she’s the favorite.

I still feel like there are some slim pickings this season as far as the contestants go.


>Someone “big” goes home next week. I’m thinking right now Peter is going to send Kelsey home for the whole champagne thing. His kind heart can’t take anyone being mean to someone else, and Hannah Ann is higher up in the hierarchy of girls right. I said she was like Luke P., am I right?



First Impression Rose of The Bachelor

Hi y’all,

Last night, I watched the first half of Peter’s season of The Bachelor. I finished it up this morning on Hulu.

I am not a “true fan” of The Bachelor franchise. I watched Hannah Brown’s season because my friend Lili wanted to do a bracket. I did like a lot of the guys on her season. I thought they brought a lot of personality to the show and were interesting (not looking at you, Luke P.). I do wish we had gotten to see Garrett’s hometown, though!

Peter was one of the guys that definitely sparked my interest and I’m so glad he made it to the “top 3”. of Hannah’s season.

Here are my first impression of Pilot Pete’s season:

1. These girls are already acting a little crazy. I mean that in the best way possible, but I have a feeling this group of girls are going to be catty and fighting the whole time.

2. These girls are very interested in Peter but don’t seem to know themselves. This might seem a little harsh, but I thought it was interesting that every single girl made a comment about something they knew about Peter. They hit on the windmill (like we could forget about it), planes, and family. I did think the girl that brought the note from her Grandmother was incredibly sweet and original. However, most of them were not interesting interactions.

3. Hannah Ann is the drama queen. I could be wrong on this, but I foresee Hannah Ann to be the villain during this season. Obviously, for the past few seasons the person to receive the first impression rose did not end up “winning”, and I’m thinking this is going to continue this season.

4. These girls are fake. From the majority of the girls I am definitely getting a vibe that these girls are going to be fake. I think the majority are sugar coating some stuff.

5. Peter is exactly who he says he is. I am 1000% convinced that Peter is a sweet, caring, human being. I do not feel like he’s putting on a show or saying things to say them. I think he is truly being genuine.

As far as my favorite girls go, I’m liking Madison. I really liked her one on one date to Peter’s parents vowel renewal. I think it was obvious they have a connection and there is something there.

I am 100% excited for Peter. I think he is a great guy and he is what the Bachelor franchise needs in the U.S.

As far as my thoughts on the rest of the season:

1. I’m not super invested in these girls yet, and I’m worried for the rest of the season that I won’t be.

2. I think Peter will either not end up with anyone, or if he does, the relationship won’t last. This isn’t meant to sound like a negative Nancy, just that I do not foresee these girls being the “right” one for him personality wise.

3. I’m interested to learn more about Peter as a human being! I know a lot of people said there can’t be a lot behind Peter, but I think they’re wrong.

What are your first impression of this Bachelor season?