The Power of Manifesting

The Power of Manifesting has been an interesting topic for me recently. The Secret is about manifestation. I read the book when I was younger. However, I definitely didn’t get much out of it. Okay, this is probably because when I say “read” I really mean barely skimmed. I always create goals at the start of each year. They’re kind of like my manifestations for the year.

The power of manifestation

Manifestation is defined as “the action or fact showing from an abstract idea”. It’s also defined as “a version or incarnation of someone or something”.

I’ve been listening to Tori DeSimone’s podcast and she talks a lot about the power of manifesting. However, she doesn’t just share what she is manifesting, but how to manifest and what is working for her. One thing she talked about in a recent episode was having a solid morning routine. She basically said she keeps the same morning and night routine every day and that way she knows what she has to get done and how long it is going to take her.

This past week, I had the hardest week of my teaching career thus far hands down. It had absolutely nothing to do with the content I was teaching, but social things going on in my classroom. While, these behaviors were something I never would manifest, nor would anyone else, it still happened. However, it’s helping me think about how I need to set an intention and manifest with my students each day so we can have more positive days.

What Exactly is the Power of Manifesting?

Great question! Manifestation is really like setting the intention or having positive thoughts toward something. So, we give power to ourselves when we manifest things. The person who is manifesting is intentionally working toward something. If you’re about to play a sport, maybe it’s scoring a goal. You would manifest this by literally envisioning yourself scoring a goal. When I showed horses, I watched myself jump the course perfectly. As a teacher, I see myself teaching my lesson perfectly.

Is Manifestation Perfect?

Am I in control of every single thing that could possibly happen in these scenarios? No! Maybe my horse got spooked, or a kid decided to have some behavior problems or they aren’t understanding the concept.

How Can I Manifest Something?

  1. Set your intention. What do you want to accomplish? One thing my field hockey team did in high school was write down on a notecard one thing we would do during a game and we looked at it throughout the day. I kept mine in my planner so I saw it during every class.
  2. Envision your intention. See yourself making the intention happen exactly how you want it to happen.
  3. Give yourself every opportunity to make it happen. If it’s scoring a goal in the game, if you’re not near the goal, you can’t score.
  4. Give yourself grace. We as humans are not in control of everything. There are always outside variables that will affect our manifestation.

Let me know what you’re manifesting in a comment!



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