Why I Could Never go on The Bachelor

Hi y’all,

Okay, it happened. I got dragged into the drama of this season of the Bachelorette. Honestly, Clare, I don’t know what you’re thinking. Obviously, she knows her own feelings; however, I really do not think you could have such strong feelings after two weeks. Especially if you hadn’t talked to them before as they’re claiming. I am very excited for Tayshia though. I truly liked her on Bachelor in Paradise. I definitely thought JPJ could be too immature for her, so I wasn’t too shocked when that relationship ended. I will say JPJ seemed to step up though.

Anyway, I digress on my thoughts about the current season and wanted to share why I could never go on The Bachelor.

  1. The dates are pretty unrealistic. As much as I would want to go horseback riding through a city or town, that’s just not something that would happen. I also feel like a lot of them don’t allow to really get to know the person. Plus, most of the dates are planned by the producers to play on fears or something you don’t like. Sorry, I don’t wish to be terrified on a first date. For instance, I keep thinking of Hannah B. going bungee jumping during her season. No thank you. I would literally walk (really run) away.
  2. People are playing with your love life. There are still other people involved (like the producers) that are playing their game to make “good tv”. In this case, “good trash tv” would be slightly more accurate. They manipulate the list to make sure that certain people are getting screen time or whatever other reasons. I feel like your love life is something you should control over and this show takes away those elements. I do wonder how much control they have during Bachelor in Paradise, though.
  3. The “type” I’m attracted to most often is portrayed pretty badly. I love the sweet, preppy guys and they are often portrayed as stuck up jerks. Y’all, if a guy will open a door for me I’m all for it. Can I open a door for myself? Absolutely. Is it nice for someone to be polite and do it for me? Yes.
  4. I’d be terrified of making a mistake. What if I sent the wrong guy home? Plus, I feel like there is definitely not enough time night one to make a true definitive decision after like 5 minutes. Sure, you might know that there is absolutely nothing there; however, this is definitely a strange situation where you might hang out with a person for 5 minutes and decide you never want to see the person again. This is not like in real life where you could contact them a little bit later and say hi again.
  5. If I got frustrated (which I probably would) I would either just send all the guys home or be like I’m leaving.

Now, obviously dating live on tv would probably not be the best option for me. Neither is online dating/dating apps apparently.

I feel like there could be a laundry list of things that you want in a significant other/life partner. However, we don’t always see it. I actually saw the best thing on a guy’s Instagram story. The post was about how we ask God or hope for a certain person to just walk into your life. Instead of hoping for that, you should be looking at all the things that are in your life or look at the pieces because together it could be the “total package”.

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