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    Book Review Dec 2022

    Hi y’all! I’m so glad that I’m back on a regular schedule for blogging! Y’all have tended to love Book Chats and Review posts so I thought I would end the year with a Book Review post! I occasionally post about books on Tiktok and Youtube as well. One thing I’m doing that is new is I joined Kindle Unlimited! Another great option for books is Amazon’s Audible Plus. Audible Plus includes books, podcasts, and more! I use my iPad and the kindle app to read books. In the past, I have normally used the Apple books app; however, I feel like it’s been lacking recently. Book Reviews from Kindle…

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    Best Purchases of 2022

    Hi y’all, I know it’s been a hot minute since my last post. However, I’m really excited because I have a posting schedule made for 2023! I’ve started to focus on my content calendar for 2023. I want social media (Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube) to be more manageable. For now, I’m so excited to share my best purchases of 2022. But, it wouldn’t be a best purchases of 2022 post without some of the worst. I keep seeing Youtube videos of these. However, I can only manage about 1 youtube video a week (thanks to country wi-fi). Before we get into the purchases, if you’re ever curious about things I like,…

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    Stocking Stuffers Gift Guide

    It’s that time of the year-time to find the stocking stuffers. I don’t know about you, but I have the hardest time with stocking stuffers! This year, I found a few things that are great for a variety of people (and all under $10)! I’ve done gift guides on here in the past, but this year, I did two different ones on tiktok. This one, I feel like deserves a special, permanent spot on the blog. Small gifts and stocking stuffers are something everyone needs. The Stocking Stuffers Elf monochromatic multi stick | This is a HUGE steal and the perfect stocking stuffer for the beauty guru in your life!…