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    Fast Fashion

    Fast fashion seems to be all the rage-especially with how Shein has stayed at the top of the game. However, they’re not the first fast fashion brand, and certainly won’t be the last. Remember Forever 21? They’re fast fashion, too. I will admit, I’m a shopaholic. However, I’ve been doing a lot better recently. I really think my surgery helped with that. However, I’ve noticed a disturbing trend on TikTok and around the rest of the internet (Instagram, other bloggers, etc.). have been shopping heavily at places like Shein. Shein is known for being very inexpensive, and often poor quality. But, what even is fast fashion? It’s the mass production…

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    SororityTok & Recruitment

    SororityTok, #bamarush, whatever you want to call it has been taking over TikTok. As a sorority alumna, I’m so glad it is. Tiktok is one of the more favorable forms of social media at the moment, and college students are using it to share their lives, dances, and so much more. However, we’ve all noticed how quickly #bamarush took over. We fell in love and those who are sisters in a sorority (even alumnae!) began rooting for their favorites to find their home. I did not go to an SEC school, in fact, I went to one of the smaller schools in Virginia. My chapter was the 6th chapter on…

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    Back to School Fall Fashion

    Back to school season is in full swing, which means fall fashion! I typically love fall fashion, so I’m super excited to see brands start putting the new season out. I’m starting with Old Navy, Loft, and Pink Lily. I’ve seen a few different tiktok’s the owner created and started to check them out when I did not fall items at a bunch of my favorite stores. Pink Lily is definitely not disappointing. The Back to School Fall Fashion Top Choices Floral Print Split Neck Poet Blouse | $29.99 | I love how sweet this top is. Sleeveless Tiered Floral Swing Dress | $34.99 | Florals for fall-actually groundbreaking. I…