• financial

    Making Financial Goals in 2023

    Hi y’all, While it’s time to make new goals for the year, it’s also time to make some specific financial goals. I am definitely not a financial planner or advisor, so please go look more into what I’m saying, but I am going to suggest some tips I’ve been given for helping to make financial goals. As a teacher, it’s no secret that we don’t make a ton of money; however, I’m able to reach my financial goals because I set myself up for success. Tips for Setting Financial Goals When you’re making your financial goals for the year, make sure that your goals are reasonable and attainable. This means,…

  • lifestyle

    2022 Reflection & 2023 Goals

    Hi y’all, it’s time for some reflection and new goals! I’m so glad I get to share with you my reflection from 2022 and what I’m trying to achieve in 2023. 2022 Reflection Last year, I shared with y’all a vision board and I did not really accomplish most of it. I didn’t podcast more, I didn’t get back into riding, and I didn’t buy a house. However, I did read more. This past year, I spent more time with people (went out more, celebrated more) and achieved one of my lifelong goals (walking the lawn for UVA commencement). In June, I celebrated my best friend graduating from her medical…